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Cut flowers for bouquets

Names of flowers and their brief description give novice florists an idea of popular colors that can be used in the preparation of bouquets.


Pleases with a rich color palette and excellent durability. In the cut can stand 3-4 weeks. Suitable for people with increased sensitivity to fragrances, because they do not have a smell.



The flower is called anemone for the light and delicate petals that fall in a strong wind. The color scheme of anemones, similar to poppies, is diverse. But most of all they like to add to winter bouquets. Unusually and mesmerizing looks rich blue anemone. A frequent guest in the design of blue wedding bouquets. We even have a separate article devoted only to the blue color in the compositions. Click here and the article will open in a new window.



This is a favorite flower in the autumn bouquet. Aster, like a star, give not only teachers, but also beautiful women. In the wedding composition Aster will be an interesting element.



Properly assembled bouquet of carnations in its beauty is not inferior to bouquets of roses, so many florists choose delicate carnation for bouquets of brides.



Sunny gerbera will bring a pop of color to any bouquet. Flowers look like colorful daisies and symbolize the joy of life. Gerbera daisies combine well with irises and orchids.